Accommodation in Kedarnath With Best Stay | Kedarnath Resort

Most of the travellers or peoples search about accommodation in Kedarnath during their journy and chardham yatra. This is a big question in front of these peoples that whare to stay in Kedarnath  and accommodation in Kedarnath so here is answer of your questions.

Dinner – Rs. 100 per plate having Chicken, Rai vegetable, Rotis, and onions.

Lunch – Rs. 50 per plate having Chane-Arhar-Kali mixed Daal, Aaalu-Gobhi sabzi, Rai vegetable, Rice, Rotis, onions.

Breakfast – Rs. 20/- per Aalu paratha with Rajma-Mah-Lobia mixed Daal.

Isn’t it one among the simplest food for a budget traveler?

Yes, it is. And Hot food straight from the kitchen. What else I wish more. Accommodation in Kedarnath ?

During travel, I don’t have much money permanently accommodation, but yes, I prefer budget accommodation somewhat between Rs. 200-Rs. 300 per night cost, which sometimes could be very clean or somewhat clean, but what to do? We’ve to deposit luggage and sleep for an evening or two to save lots of money to continue the journey.

Most of the time, during day hours, we are out. But yes, food, I always choose a good one, specially HOT ones and homemade preferable. This restaurant is on the brink of homemade food.

Other than food these guys working in hotel are marvelous. Always cheerful with filled with energy able to be at your service regardless of you would like for few cups of tea early within the morning (you need to tell them at some point in advance).

Yes, I prefer this restaurant, that’s why I’m writing. Maybe someday we will stay again and food, needless to say, especially chicken and Rai vegetables. Many thanks, guys, for the good hospitality.

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